Dept. Of Computer Science,HNGU

  The Department of Computer Science of the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University has been established in 1996.
                We conduct following study Programmes.
Ph. D. (Computer Science / Information Technology)
Since 2003  
Master of Computer Application
Since 2003 Fees Rs. 30,000 per annum
Master of Computer Application (5 years Integrated Programme) From 2013 Fees Rs. 28,000 per annum
Master of Science (Computer Application & Information Technology)
Since 2000 Fees Rs. 28,000 per annum
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Since 1996 Fees Rs. 15,000 per annum

The exclusive building of the computer science department is constructed in campus near the sarasvati river bank. The building of computer science department is surrounded by Ladies hostel(West), Boys hostel(East), Lake(North) and students facility center(Bank, Post, canteen and shops) in the south. More than 600 students pursuing their study in above study programs at present. Now the computer science department & computer center are separated from june-2006 and computer department shifted to newly constructed building.

The Department of Computer Science is one of the department of Hem. North Gujarat University. This is located at historical place PATAN (North Gujarat). It is 120 KM from the Ahmedabad. The institute has round shape built up area. The institute have 6 computer labs with wall mounted Multimedia Projector and each lab have 40 PC with high end state of art configuration. The classrooms have capacity to seat 90 students and each class has wall-mounted Multimedia Projector for continuous teaching and interaction. The institute has a conference hall for small group discussions and meetings.


Deptartment of Computer Science,HNGU
Deptartment of Computer Science,HNGU

» Computer Lab ::

The Computer labs are equipped with branded personal computers supported by 11Mbps shared Broadband and 1 Gbps leased line for Internet connectivity. It is also equipped with a wide range of licensed system software and applications software. The entire campus is connected with Wi-Fi network.

Deptartment of Computer Science,HNGU
» Cyber Café : :

The institute has a cyber café, this has 20 Computers all are connected with 11Mbps Broadband and it is free to use for student from 9:00AM to 5:00PM including Sundays & off days.

         Internet Connectivity

    1. 11Mbps Brodband connectivity from BSNL.

    2. 1Gbps Leased line connectivity from BSNL.
Deptartment of Computer Science,HNGU
» Server Room ::
The institute has a server room having high configured servers which all are listed below.

         IBM XSeries 206
         Pentium 4 Processor
         512 MB Ram
         Ethernet 10/100 mbps
         150 GB HDD
         IBM Xseries 226
         3.0 GHz
         Xeon Processor
         512 MB Ram
         70 GB HDD
         Ethernet 10/100mbps
         HP NetServer E800
         Pentium4 Processor
         512 MB RAM
         10 GB HDD
         Ethernet 10/100 mbps
         Sun Server
         2* 1 GHz Ultraspark Processor
         1 GB RAM
         Ethernet 10/100/1000mbps
         70 GB HDD
         HP UNIX Server
         PA-8700 650MHz Processor
         2GB RAM
         140 GB HDD
         Ethernet 10/100/1000mbps
         HP Proxy Server
         Pentium 4 Processor
         1 GB RAM
         80 GB HDD
         Ethernet 10/100/1000mbps



Deptartment of Computer Science,HNGU

Deptartment of Computer Science,HNGU

  » Departmental Library ::
The Department having the well furnished departmental library. It has the open access system facilities free use of books on the shelf. The book issue service is available to the students from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on all working days.

·         17747 Nos. of Books available (including text books)

·         Ticket System available

·         Open Access System

·         Book Bank System

·         Magazine (29 Nos.), Journals (13 Nos.)

·         News Papers (12 Nos.), Dictionary (25 Nos.)

·         Last Five Years Question Paper available

·         CD,DVD and Project Reports

·         All Subjects reference books, General Knowledge Books and Competitive Exam Books are available.

Deptartment of Computer Science,HNGU