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1.    Basic Thermodynamics : 
       Fundamental concepts and definitions, system - closed, open and  isolated system,  homogeneous and heterogeneous systems, thermodynamic   property, path function and point function, microscopic and macroscopic points  of view, dependent  and   independent properties,   intensive  and  extensive properties, intrinsic and extrinsic properties, equilibrium - mechanical, chemical, thermal and thermodynamic Application  of system approach to various systems like IC engine   cycles etc.

2.    Second law of thermodynamics :
       Limitation   of    1st   law   of    thermodynamics,   reversibility    and irreversibility,        2nd  low of thermodynamics, statements  -  Kelvin-Planck  and  Claucius       statements, equivalence of   Kelvin-Planck  and Claucius  statements  of 2nd law of  thermodynamics,  Carnot   cycle, corollaries of 2nd law.

3.    Steam engine :
       Simple steam engine and its details, p-v diagram, theoretical and  actual indicator  diagram,  diagram factor, mean effective  pressure,   indicated power,  brake power, mechanical efficiency, indicated and   brake  thermal efficiency, dynamometers for measurement of brake power

4.    Combustion of fuels :
       Types of fuels, coal analysis, ultimate analysis and proximate  analysis, calorific  value, higher  calorific  value and lower calorific  value  of fusel,  carbon value, theoretical calorific value of fuel,   determination of calorific value of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuel, bomb calorimeter, boys gas calorimeter, Junker gas calorimeter.

5.    Combustion of fuel :
       Chemistry  of combustion, chemical reaction, theoretical air required   for combustion, conversion of volumetric composition on mass basis, conversion of composition on mass basis to composition by volume. mass of actual and excess  air supplied, determination of volumetric analysis of fuel   gases, roast  apparatus volume of minimum air required for complete   combustion of gaseous fuel

6.    Third law of thermodynamics and its corollaries

7.    Boiler  draft  and   chimney height calculation :   
       Natural  and  artificial draft,  parameters  on   which  natural  draft   depends,  chimney   height calculation.


Text Books :

    1. Basic Thermodynamic & Heat Engines - I by R. yadav.

    2. Elementary of of Heat Engines-I by R. C. Patel.

    3. Thermal Engineering by R. S. Khurmi.